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Do I need a partner to start? No!  A partner is never necessary.  In fact, you will often learn faster on your own.  Private lessons allow you to partner with a professional, encouraging rapid development of proper technique.  Alone, the instructor’s attention is focused entirely on you.  The value of beginning with a partner allows you the opportunity to practice and review material at any time.  We have both male and female teachers available at Dance Colorado.  If you do not have a dance partner for your lessons, you will be taught by an instructor of the opposite sex.  If you do bring a partner, then the teacher will instruct the two of you together.  All students are taught by a professional instructor for every lesson.  At our dance parties, single students have an opportunity to dance with other singles and with our professional instructors.  Couples are not required to dance with other students.

What should I wear to my first lesson? Comfort should be your first priority.  When selecting shoes, look for a pair in your wardrobe that offer good support and will allow you to slide on the floor (leather soled shoes are ideal).  Ladies might want to consider something with a bit of a heel.  Short, tight skirts that restrict movement are not recommended.

What if I lack rhythm and have an excess of left feet? Partner dance is often called “social dance” because it’s geared more toward moving, comfort, and finesse in social environments than the “performing” most often associated with other forms of dance.  If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm!  All you need is a qualified instructor, well trained in teaching beginners, to identify the different rhythms existing within the music (it’s easier than you think).  At Dance Colorado our instructors specialize in this process; every day we teach people how to partner dance who never thought they could, helping them move upwards from the most basic level.  Of course everything has its place: if you are an aspiring dance phenomenon, there are plenty of opportunities for performing experiences as well.

What is the difference between private lessons and group classes? Private lessons give you the most for your minute, as they are a one-on-one with an instructor and customized to suit your own pace and goals.  They are also far easier to manage for students with hectic schedules, since lessons can be scheduled between 1-10 PM on any weekday.  If your budget is limited, group classes are a more affordable option.  They are also ideal for those seeking a more social learning experience.

Do you offer American and/or International styles of dance? Yes, of course!  We have highly qualified competing professionals on our staff.  For those interested in private instruction, we encourage you to call for more specific information and availability.

Do you offer dance socials or practice parties? Click on our Upcoming Events link to discover the date and time of our next party.  With our ballroom and digital sound system, our parties boast an incomparable ambience and energy.

Additionally, the Dance Colorado staff and students like to hit the dance hotspots, so call the studio to find out when our next “Night Out on the Town” is scheduled.

Do you offer any discounts? Ask your instructor how discounts and free lessons may be earned through inviting friends and family members to join Dance Colorado.

How long does it take to gain the skill? The answer to this question varies with each individual.  The beauty of our Introductory Offer is the accompanying dance evaluation and consultation.  This allows us to assess your background and get a clearer understanding of your goals so that we can structure a program that will allow you to gain the skills you want at your own pace.  Better yet, much like learning to ride a bike, once you own this skill, you have it for life and can enjoy it well into your senior years.

Where can I use this skill once I own it? A better question would be: “Where can’t I use this skill?”  Unlike seasonal sports, and due to the vibrant nature of Colorado Springs, you can go partner dancing every night of the week, in nightclubs, black-tie functions, weddings, private parties and local hot spots.  From dancing at the Fine Arts Center to the elegance of the Penrose Room, the possibilities are endless.

Which dances would be most useful to learn? During your first lesson, we will help you determine which dances are most practical for you based on your specific goals, needs and musical tastes.

What is the age range of the student body? Most of our students are between the ages of eighteen and sixty, but no one is too young or too old to get started.  This sport is truly universal in accessibility and enjoys a greater longevity than most others.