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Syllabus Programs

What Are Programs?

At Dance Colorado, all students are taught using the Medal System. The Medal System is a series of programs designed to help you learn to dance. As you progress through the Medal System you will develop the fundamental skills necessary to lead or follow when dancing with any person you choose. Also, you will develop a sense of rhythm. This means that you will be able to determine which dance belongs to which song and dance with confidence. As your skills develop your body will learn to move gracefully. Men develop the masculinity and confidence to sweep a lady off her feet. Women develop the ability to follow a man’s lead which adds passion and excitement to the dance.

Programs We Offer

Each program in the medal system has specific goals. As these goals are accomplished, you will move into higher levels of dance with complete confidence.

Beginning Levels

Introductory Special
Congratulations! You now are beginning a journey of dance that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. This beginning level of dance will give you a taste of what social dancing can look and feel like. Your instructor will introduce to you the most popular dances based upon where you would like to go dancing. As you progress your teacher will begin to have a good idea of how you learn so that he or she can make learning to dance an experience you will always remember.

Basic Program
The Basic Program is designed to teach you the basic figures necessary to help you navigate around the dance floor. In this level, you will learn two to three figures per dance, develop a beginning understanding of rhythm, and learn basic leading and following skills.

Social Dance Program
The Social Program, when completed, will give you the confidence to go out dancing without your teacher’s assistance. This is an exciting level because you have developed enough technical skill to help you hold your own on the dance floor. During the Social level, you will increase your pattern knowledge, be able to recognize which dance goes with the song that is playing, and be able to lead and follow the patterns taught.

Medal System

Bronze Program
This is the first level of our Medal System. The Medal System is a standardized style of dance that is recognized throughout all major countries. The Bronze Program is designed to teach you all aspects of partnership dancing, including learning all fundamental patterns necessary to dance a complete song without repeating a step and learning how to style each dance to give it the look of a confident dancer. Also you will develop great partnership skill so you will not be afraid to dance with any person you choose. Finally, you will develop your own personality and learn to enjoy yourself by become more expressive.

Silver Program
This level is designed for people who aspire to be the most advanced social dancers. Silver-level dancers are the kind of people you love to watch on the dance floor. When learning this level, dancers learn figures that allow them more freedom of movement around the floor, giving them advanced floor craft skills and creating the look of being the best dancers on the floor.

Gold Program
This level is described as tops in dance perfection. It is an exhibition level designed for the serious hobbyist. Naturally, these people are fabulous social dancers.

How We Personalize Programs

Learning to dance is an exciting endeavor. At Dance Colorado, we specialize in helping people learn to dance that have never danced before. When you set an appointment for your first lesson, we will ask you a few questions that will help us better understand your interests and abilities. With the information you provide, we will determine which teacher is best suited for you. As you begin the initial phase of learning, your teacher will assess your interest, physical abilities, and your coordination level to plan your personalized dance program. The program that your teacher plans for you will be the most effective in helping you become a great dancer in as little time as possible.