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Wedding Program


Dance with confidence and pride

Your first dance as newlyweds is your first chance to convey a message as “one.” How you approach the dance floor expresses how you feel about your new union to beloved family members, old friends, and honored guests. As you take your first steps to the music that will become “Your Song,” you will want to do so with pride, grace, and natural confidence. Whether you are already competent on the dance floor or have never taken a step to music (individually or as a couple), our instructors are here to help. Your private instructor will carefully plan stress-free lessons and create beautiful and interesting choreography for your First Dance that is sure to be remembered by you and your guests for years to come.

Engagement or wedding gift

Dance Colorado’s Wedding Packages are the perfect gift for couples getting engaged or married. Not only is dancing essential for any new couple on their Wedding Day, but it is also an important social and professional skill. Dance Colorado couples will enjoy the gift of dance throughout their lives! Gift certificates (in any amount) are available to purchase and make thoughtful and useful gifts for people about to head down the aisle.

For the wedding party

Dance Colorado is the perfect place to bring the Wedding Party for some great group dance instruction. Bring the happy couple, parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen and anyone else – the more the merrier! Let us create an environment where your wedding party will have fun while they bond and learn some impressive dance moves. With our semi-private instruction plan, we can offer mini-classes for your whole group!

Music services

Dance Colorado’s extensive Music Library will make choosing your Wedding Song easy and fun. We offer appropriate dance music from all eras and for all musical tastes. From elegant Waltzes and Foxtrots to tempting Tangos and Rumbas to sensational Swings, we will help you find exactly what you are looking for to make your Wedding Dance memorable and meaningful. Do you like the beginning and ending of a musical selection, but not the middle? Your music will be custom-edited to fit the mood, length, and tone of your Wedding Dance. Already have your song picked out? Bring it on a cd with you to the studio to practice.

GREAT IDEA! Give a CD copy of your Wedding Song to each of your guests as a favor!

Extended expiration and upgrade polices

We know that Wedding Couples have extraordinary pre-wedding commitments. If you cannot finish your package before the wedding, enjoy the remainder after your honeymoon! Need more lessons? Upgrade by the midpoint of your Wedding Package.


Although dancing is priceless and you may very well want to continue after the wedding, we’ve put together a price list based upon what you would like to get out of your dance.  All three packages include a custom-edited song and choreographed dance routine.  If you would like more lessons, your instructor will speak with you about further options.

Thrive & Survive Enhance the Dance Impress with Finesse
5 private lessons 10 private lessons 25 private lessons
With five lessons, you will learn a nice, basic routine. You’ll feel comfortable out on the dance floor, and your    dance will be interesting without being too difficult to learn and remember. Ten private lessons is enough  to get you plenty of oohs and aahs from your guests.  In addition to the basic moves and figures, you’ll learn some “extras” for your routine that will keep all eyes on you. The stars will want to dance like you!  With 25 lessons, the two of you will be simply stunning on the dance floor.  Your guests will be talking about it for years, and you’ll have a memory for a lifetime.
$400 $700 $1625

When to start

If we could make people come in as soon as they got engaged, we would!  Then nothing would feel rushed and every dance would still feel like a work of art.  But three to six months is generally a good time frame.  Coming in early does not mean that you need six months to learn the basics.  It just means that you’ll give your body more time to get smooth.

Please call Dance Colorado at (719) 473-1395 for more information and scheduling.

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